Hello everyone I'm Christopher Perez, A cool fact about me is that around the shop they call me Mr Fix It, Because I am a very skilled Innovator. I can use average things laying around and create extraordinary items that fix problems people face on a daily basis and make everyones lives easier! I have also built a lot of this shop including the piercing room, the front counter, and much more. I am good with my hands.

The second cool fact about me is that I have a real passion for building, shooting, and collecting guns. I have actually used only the wish App and bought everything piece by piece to build a completely custom firearm. Some people like puzzles to relax, personally I like building Guns and that's all the therapy I need!

The third cool fact about me is I love to joke around. I am definitely the shop clown! I love pranking people, and making everything awkward (all in good fun of course) so if you come into atomic frog I can assure you there will be no mistaking your in the right place when your laughing so hard drink is coming out of your nose! If you feel like we would click be sure to check out my work in the portfolios section of the site.



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Whats up Guys and Gals, I'm Diamond Dave and also the Manager of Atomic Frog Tattoo! A few cool facts about me is that I love Digital Marketing, I actually create digital products, courses, and services teaching other entrepreneurs how to leverage their passion into highly profitable online businesses and I enroll students via Social Media Marketing!

The second cool fact about me is that I am incredibly obsessed with Virtual Reality Gaming, Yes its true, I am a Gamer Nerd! and Super proud of it buddy! If you haven't experienced VR Gaming before then take it from a die hard fan, Get yourself an Oculus Quest! You will thank me later!

The third cool fact is that I am a Father of 4 Kids. Skyler(8), Katharyne(4), Chloe(2), and Daxtin(1) and we also have one on the way as of today (6/2/19).. So I have a very Busy Lifestyle to say the least and I still show up to work every day! *DEDICATION* So if you wanna check out my work and I sound like someone you would wanna kick it with during your tattoo then be sure to check out my work below..