Hey everyone my name is Chris I've  been tattooing since early 2001. I love doing new school tattoos the brighter the better. I have 16 years of tattooing experience. I have been in the Destin area for the last 5 years. 


Atomic Frog Tattoo


What's up, I'm Ritchie and I am a Featured Artist I have been in 3 Different Tattoo Magazines and I have been tattooing for 10 yrs Professionally. Come check me out if your looking for some amazing Ink!

This is where you can take the time to review each artist and their credentials and make an informed decision about who you would like to tattoo you!

We will be updating artwork on here periodically so make sure your staying updated.

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What's up everyone, My name is David Bogue AKA "Diamond Dave" I am the Owner, as well as an Artist at Atomic Frog Tattoo. I have been Tattooing professionally for 13 Yrs. I have traveled all over the United States Tattooing just to hone my skills as an artist! I have worked with many phenomenal Artists in my travels that taught me many things. I have a beautiful wife named Cassandra, 3 beautiful children (Katharyne, 2), (Skyler, 6), and (Chloe 1). My children have been my inspiration to make this HAPPEN! I opened Atomic Frog Tattoo for 2 Reasons: 1. I love the Beach and have always desired to have a Shop on the Beach! and 2. I want to set the standard for what a SHOP should be. Drama free, Beautiful Art, and Great people to Build life long Friendships with, and that my friends is EXACTLY what you will get in Atomic Frog Tattoo. My artwork is to the right >

We hope to see you soon!

What's up I'm Heather! I'm the newest artist at Atomic Frog Tattoo Studio and am completely focused on developing my skills further in every aspect of tattooing. I'm trying to focus on a new school approach so I need bodies. I am striving to be the best of the best so I'm always up for a new challenge!